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About Us

Northern Colorado Credit Repair (NCCR) is a unique company dedicated to helping others understand and improve their personal finance and credit position. We believe that knowledge is the key building block to restoring a credit profile that enables you to obtain your financial goals.

NCCR provides honest, ethical and legal assistance to those who have credit issues that have caused them to be turned down for home or auto financing or refinancing or other financing or have been offered excessive interest rates for any type of financing.

NCCR was established to provide an alternative to the impersonal, one-size fits all credit repair programs that are so prevalent today. Our credit repair consultants will contact you directly by phone or email and work hand in hand with you in achieving your financial goals.

This company was founded for people like you! Your needs are unique to you and deserve a custom solution that answers precisely the issues you face. Credit repair is an industry that requires a heart for individual consumer needs first and foremost and before concerns about revenue. I care about you and have designed this program with your needs in mind. Contact us to find out more!