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How It Works

What you can expect

Initial Consultation
When you inquire about our services a consultant will contact you to explain the process and help you determine if you wish to engage our services. If you decide to do so, we will send you, electronically, a contract describing the services as well as expected duration and cost. You can sign this contract electronically.

Upon receipt of the approved contract, we will contact you by phone to welcome you to the program and give additional detail on next steps.

Credit Monitoring
You will need to enroll in a credit monitoring program that allows access to your credit report and scores at least every 30-45 days. Although we will have recommendations for you, there are multiple of these services available and you are free to choose from them. Typically you will pay only $14.99 per month for the service. We use this service to monitor the progress of your credit repair program.

Strategy Call
Once you enroll in a credit monitoring program and furnish us the login information, we will download your credit report into our software and perform a detailed analysis of the information. We will then contact you to review your credit report and discuss our proposed strategy for restoring/rebuilding your credit profile. This strategy will include recommendations for steps that you will take as well as how we will implement the dispute process.

Dispute Cycle
Based upon our conversation, we will generate the first round of dispute letters to the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion). Although we generate these letters on your behalf and mail them for you, the letters are from you and therefore you will receive responses from the reporting agencies. We ask that you send copies of these responses to us for our review.

Once responses are received from each of the three credit reporting agencies, we will use your credit monitoring service to pull your credit report, assess our progress and develop a strategy for the next round of dispute letters. This cycle will continue until we jointly agree that that we have achieved the goals of your program.