credit repair

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What’s in your Credit Report?

Each credit report consists of at least the following sections:

Personal Profile

  • Name(s) – current and prior
  • Addresses – current and previous
  • Employer – current and previous
Public Records

  • Tax Liens (if any)
  • Judgment Liens (if any)
  • Bankruptcies (if any)

Credit Inquiries – although there are two types of inquiries (hard and soft), only hard inquiries should appear in this section of your credit report. These are typically made by lenders to whom you have applied for credit but may also be generated by insurance companies or even rental agencies. These types of inquiries may lower your credit score.

Account History – includes entries or “tradelines” for each of the credit accounts that are or have been active within the past seven years (ten years for positive tradelines). Typical information includes creditor’s name, partial account number, and status of the account. Some form of payment history for the previous 24 months is also listed.